Sunday, November 17, 2013

Emmanuel healed in Jesus name.

1st Time Healing In Jesus Name

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Date Of Christ's Death PROVES Lunar Sabbaths

The Saturday Sabbath REQUIRES a Friday Passover in the year 31 AD, the year of Christ's death, in order to be valid. It can be proven that Passover fell on a Tuesday in the year 31 AD. This is why Catholicism and some Protestants make the claim for Christ's death to occur in 33 AD, because they believe 33 AD had a Friday Passover. But I will show that that can be proven false as well. The bottom line is that the lunar Sabbath is the ONLY way to satisfy and harmonize all the facts. 

These are the facts...
1) Christ died in the year 31 AD. (PROVEN FACT)
2) Christ died on Passover. (PROVEN FACT)
3) The 7th day Sabbath followed the day of Christ's death. (PROVEN FACT)
4) The Passover in 31 AD fell on a Tuesday. (PROVEN FACT)
Conclusion: The ONLY way for the 7th day Sabbath to follow Passover in the year 31 AD is if the Sabbath day is reckoned by the new moon. This is 100%, conclusive proof for the lunar Sabbath. The Saturday Sabbath is biblically IMPOSSIBLE.

FACT #1 - Christ died in the year 31 AD

Proof 1: Daniel 9 Prophecy of 70 weeks
The prophecy in Daniel 9 proves that Christ died in the year 31 AD. Please click on the link for further